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Our Story

This story is about the journey we made to get where we are today, making delicious wines to share with you, our family, friends, neighbors and soon to be friends!

  The reality is... Rockfish Creek Winery is a revitalization of many generations of winemaking.  From the family vineyards in Verona, Italy, to the newest generation of vintners., our legacy is a long line of winemaking.  Our passion was born for making wine, back in 2002, when Steve made his first batch of wine at home.

  Since then, we spent years traveling the world, stopping at every winery and vineyard we could find. Batches of wine were made at home, on a very small scale, so we could enjoy our hobby a little at a time. We played with flavors and combinations, but really just had a blast playing with the wine kits when we had time.

  A couple of years ago, Steve and I made a fortuitous stop at the OBX Winery in Kill Devil Hills, NC, where we met John Rorer, one of the owners. OBX Winery is the only winery physically located in the Outer Banks and has ranked Best in the Beach for 5 years in a row!

  Meeting John, instantly, we knew we shared a passion- wine! After a year of a telephonic relationship with John, we met Lorraine and Duncan MacRae, his partners at OBX Winery. Together, the five of us made (and shared) wine, laughter, meals, and memories. They mentored our learning in the industry, and we found our way to Rockfish Creek Winery.

  So, why “Rockfish Creek Winery”? Well.. wine is like a good country song. It's named after women, family or a place, it's about love and life, and that's where we got the name. Our family lives in Raeford, NC. Our wines are made less than a mile from Rockfish Creek, where the water that makes our wine comes from.

  Every batch is expertly crafted by us to make your wine experience amazing and personal. We purchase our wine from all over the state of North Carolina, keeping our wine LOCAL! We even blend some with fabulous wine from all over the world... a process that takes the time and energy. This guarantees our wine is crafted with quality and consistency in mind. It is an all-around fabulous arrangement aimed to please YOU!

  After years of fostering our love for wine, our goal is to share our passion with you. We want you to fall in love with our wines, make wonderful memories while you sit back and just relax. What more could a person want?

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223 Flagstone Lane
Raeford, NC 28376


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Our brand is centered around our Hero Wines.  Hero Wines are Red and White Blend wines, similar to a table wine, that proudly display Military and First Responder labels.  These labels are created especially for those who serve, honor those who serve, and who wish to give a gift that goes further than the bottle of wine.  You see, when you purchase our Hero Wines, a portion of your purchase goes to one of several charitable organizations that give back to our military, first responders, and to our community.

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